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We have been exclusively and continuously manufacturing and installing high quality joinery for a large range of builders and architects for over 20 years.
Practical Furniture and Joinery's customer philosophy is one of working as strategic partners where we work together to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.
Listed below are some of the customers that we have proudly worked with for many years.

• Morabito Constructions
• HQ Constructions
• Commercial Building Group
• C&M Architects
• Proline Building
• CBS Refurbishments
• Taylor Constructions
• Northcliffe Constructions
• Telstra
• A J Bristow and Sons
• Cash McInnes Projects
• Steve Watt Constructions
• Gledhill Constructions
• Trudecon Builders
• Practec Group
• FAL Developments
• Patterson Constructions

• Stephen Edwards Constructions
• Donnerlley Constructions
• Co-Wynn Building Contractors
• Renascent Sydney Pty Ltd
• St Hilliers Constructions
• FDC Constructions
• One Build

• Quasar
• Safin